Contribute towards the Rescued Rhinos (including orphans and rehabiltated rhinos which have survived the ordeal of being poached). The rhino sanctuary is in dire need of a security system to enable our team of support staff to protect these very vulerable animals. Through fostering a rhino, YOU can make a difference!



Our Orphans

Our orphaned Rhinos are in need of a regular diet of special formulated milk, veterinary care, costly medicines and continuous nurturing to ensure their survival.

Please Help To Feed Us

We currently have nine young rhino orphans in our care – Gertije, Matimba, Stompie, Balu, Khulula, Olivia, Nhlanhla, Lula and Esme. Add to this our four survivors, Lion’s Den, Dingle Dell, Philippa and Ike, and you have the need for 500 bales of lucerne per month at a cost of ZAR110.00 (US$8.00/ GBP6.00) per bale, this is fast becoming a cost we are challenged to meet. Can you help us?

Our Victims

The advanced medical techniques required to cure and maintain the severed horns of our surviving rhinos, together with the constant monitoring and tight security measures required are very costly.