Every cent counts, and there is no contribution too small. You are able to pledge support by adopting one of our animals (choose from cheetah, wild dogs, blue cranes, ground hornbills or sable antelope); making a donation towards our wish list, or provide your support towards The Rescued Rhinos @ HESC through fostering a rhino or making a contribution towards a much-needed security system.

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We are extremely grateful for the fostering of our rhinos , and of course your ongoing efforts in gaining more support towards The Rescued Rhinos @ HESC.

While we would love to be able to fulfil your request to meet your fostered rhino, it unfortunately goes against our philosophy of not allowing interactions between man and animal at HESC. Although we are a facility specialising in captive animals, we support the global initiative to stand against human-animal interaction for commercial gain or entertainment. We try our level best to provide an environment as close as possible to the natural one in which the animals should be living.

Other reasons for limiting human interaction to only core caregivers include minimising the risk of human borne illnesses, and a necessity to not jeopardise possible future animal releases into the wild.

Of course you will have the opportunity to photograph your fostered rhino from the comfort of the game drive vehicle on the day of your visit to HESC.

I trust that you will appreciate our stance on this regard.

Thank you and kind regards


For yourself or as a gift for someone else, adopt from one of the following animals - Cheetahs, Wild Dogs, Ground Hornbills, Blue Cranes or Sable Antelope.


Make a donation towards our wish list in our day to day operations, or to your own animal, cause or project.

Rescued Rhinos @ HESC

Contribute towards the Rescued Rhinos (including orphans and rehabiltated rhinos which have survived the ordeal of being poached). The rhino sanctuary is in dire need of a security system to enable our team of support staff to protect these very vulerable animals. Through fostering a rhino, YOU can make a difference!