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Adoption and Fostering Options

This area of the site displays more info regarding how the adoption and fostering options work

A basic overview of Animal Fostering and what it entails:

Basic description here…

Here is a brief explanation of the Fostering Plans we have in place:

CLASSIC CARE – ZAR 200.00 (Subscription Care Available, payable in multiple currencies)
CLASSIC CARE fostering option covers the basic needs of every animal

  • Food & water
  • Supervision & Shelter

SILVER CARE – ZAR 500.00 (Subscription Care Available, payable in multiple currencies)
SILVER CARE fostering option covers basic needs as well as veterinary support

  • Food & water
  • Veterinary Support
  • Supervision & Shelter

GOLD CARE – ZAR 5 000.00 (Subscription Care Available, payable in multiple currencies)
GOLD CARE fostering option covers more costly care items such as advanced nutrition and veterinary support

  • Food & Water
  • Veterinary Support
  • Medicine
  • Advanced Nutrition

PLATINUM CARE – ZAR 20 000.00 (Subscription Care Available, payable in multiple currencies)
PLATINUM CARE fostering option is the premium available contribution which will be used anything from basic care to extreme medical needs. This includes Advanced Veterinary Support, Advanced Medicine as well as Advanced Nutrition.

  • Food & Water
  • Advanced Veterinary Support
  • Advanced Medicine
  • Advanced Nutrition

Brief explanation of Cheetah Adoptions:

CHEETAH ADOPTION – ZAR 28 500.00 (Payable in multiple currencies)
With this adoption type you get the opportunity to become an independent adoptive supporter of any available cheetah for a full year.

This adoption includes: 1) name your cheetah; 2) a personalized adoption certificate; 3) a gift, electronic updates throughout the year, a subscription to HESC’s Cheetah Chat; and 4) a board with your name on it, in the specific cheetah’s enclosure.

How are the funds allocated towards cheetah care?

  • Food and supplements for the cheetah
  • Vaccinations and inoculations
  • Any medical attention the cheetah may require
  • Maintenance of the cheetahs enclosure
  • A percentage goes towards HESC’s research on nutritional management of cheetah in captivity
  • A percentage also goes back to the community, to help educate the less privileged about conservation